Get 2020 Vision Release the Old and Embrace the New!

January 25, 2020 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
Silicon Valley Business Center:  1900 Camden Ave. San Jose, Ca 95124
At the Retreat you will learn to:
  • Create 2020 Vision for your Business and Life with action steps to make it a reality! Vision boards will be created to help you activate your vision.
  • ​Increase your sales dramatically through High Performance Sales Habits
  • Clear blocked energies such as fear and anger that are holding you back from realizing your biggest goals!  
  • ​Connect with more energy, vitality and resilience
  • Take yourself off auto pilot! Understand how to be in the moment, where you make the choice of how your life will flow
  • ​Make better decisions in your business and life by asking yourself the right questions
  • Use your intuition to lead you to more opportunities and possibilities.
  • Get inspired through real life stories that will keep you moving forward through all experiences in your life and business
Stacy Weber is the founder of Tru You Training. She’s an inspiring and passionate Speaker, Corporate Sales Trainer, High Performance Coach and the creator of Unleash Your Sales Potential and Limitless Life, Body & Business Training. She has over 25 years of experience in sales, sales leadership and sales training. Stacy is also a Certified Life Coach and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She specializes in working with people to create an unstoppable mindset of unlimited possibilities. Using the Law of Attraction, she guides men and women to align their mindset, habits and beliefs with their goals, to create their best life, body and business. Professionals leave her programs inspired and excited to use her keys to create their Limitless Life in all areas!

***Plus Guest Speaker: Ernie Bryan – Entrepreneur Success

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